Slovak rough-haired pointer is a versatile pointer. He has an innate desire to fetch, track and work in the water. It doesn't even mind cold weather, it is always ready to work. It's easily trained and obedient. Slovak rough-haired pointer is excellent against vermi. This character trait helps it with searching for prey and nothing will escape it. It will instinctively stop and point its muzzle towards the quarry.

It can take exams:

Skúšky vlôh stavačov ( SVS ) 

Farbiarske skúšky stavačov ( FSS )

Jesenné skúšky stavačov ( JSS ) 

Lesné skúšky stavačov ( LSS )

Špeciálne skúšky z vodnej práce ( VP )

Všestranné skúšky stavačov ( VSS )

Moja sučka Bona z Prandorfa úspešne absolvovala skúšky:

Skúšky vlôh stavačov

Farbiarske skúšky stavača

Jesenné skúšky stavača – res. CACT

Vrh A Afra z Brehov úspešne absolvovala skúšky:

Farbiarske skúšky stavača

Jesenné skúšky stavača