Registered breeding kennel

My name is Veronika Deviatka Petrák and I was born and lived in Topoľčany. I moved to a house in Ludanice in 2018 which is a village near Topolcany in the direction of Nitra. I applied for the registration of the kennel from Brehov with a protected name in 2018, and on April 29, 2019, the name was approved by the international FCI.
I was interested in dogs from a very young age as we had one at home as well. We went to dog shows in Nitra every year with my parents. But after I matured and met my husband we started looking for a hunting dog. My husband is a hunter and he wanted a larger dog. Firstly we looked for a wolfhound but this specific breed wasn’t appropriate for us. Then I suggested we should visit a dog show in Nitra and he didn’t hesitate.

At the dog show he liked the Bohemian wire-haired pointing griffon breed while I fell in love with the Slovak rough-haired pointer. I suggested that because Slovakia has a national breed and we are Slovak we should go for that breed. And so it happened, I started researching everything about SRHP. Especially character traits, ability to learn and if they are appropriate for beginner hunters and for children. We welcomed Bona from Prandorfa  into our family in 2017, she was a small restless puppy. At that time I didn't know what was waiting for me. From obedience training to hunting retention training. She is a clever bitch as she taught me a lot herself, especially patience. In two years she won puppy champion, beauty, grand champion, and Slovak show champion. Slovakia dog cup 2x - 3rd place in FCI 7. We also passed hunting tests SVS 1st prize, FSS 1st prize, JSS 1st prize or CACT. Bona from Prandorf gave us litter A and litter B. Two puppies are abroad in England and Scotland, the other puppies stayed at home in Slovakia.

I will do as much as I can for the preservation of the Slovak rough-haired pointer. I will pay attention to the quality of the coat as written by the standard, the quality of the frame, preserve the generation and progress towards a pure Slovak. To maintain in them the predation for the game and the hunting propensity. I will always focus on quality and not quantity.

Chovná stanica Bona Chovná stanica Bona