Slovak rough-haired pointer

The breed SRHP was bred and registered in the FCI in 1983. The slovak rough-haired pointer was bred by Mr. Koloman Slimák through crossbreeding rought-haired breeds - Weimaraner, Bohemian Wire-haired and German Wirehaired Pointer. After crossbreeding of these breeds, that showed monotone colouring and rough fur it was officially registered as the rough-haired Weimaraner. After 1973 it was registered into the herdbook as a standalone breed. FCI standard was released under a number 320 and FCI group 7 - pointers. The Slovak rough-haired pointer is our national breed of hunting dogs and the only representative of Slovak breeds. It belongs to a group of continental rough-haired pointers with performance tests.
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Medium-sized dog, working type, gray coloring, thick fur. A strong, courageous dog, excellent against vermin. Despite its sharpness, it is easy to train and obedient. Even-tempered character.

Fur and colouring

The fur is thick, hard and adjacent to the body. The fur consists of an undercoat and hard bristles about 4 cm long.

In the part of the muzzle and lips, the fur is longer, creating the so-called moustache. On the eyebrows, the hair is thicker and more pronounced, it goes diagonally upwards. The fur covers their whole body. The color must be from silver gray to mouse-like gray. White markings on the limbs and chest are allowed. The coloring of whites is also allowed, where there is coloring with white spots or splashes on the body. The base color always remains gray.


The height of dogs is from 62 cm to 68 cm and bitches from 57 cm to 64 cm.

SRHP is an excellent versatile pointer breed. It fits in every household, both in a house and in an apartment. If it is kept in an apartment, make sure to provide it with enough space to run. It is adaptable to all sports and activities. Suitable for every family, even for small children. It is a great companion and a family pet.

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